World Domination

August 2023

Hierarchical domination seems to be innate trait among us Homo sapiens, it brings social control of its numerous citizens. Evolutionary change of our species takes hundreds of thousands of years, sadly humanity has proven it kills it’s own kind. I’m an anti-war advocate and a believer and defender of individual sovereignty, this is a minority stance and is not a U.S. government trait. This will not change in my lifetime or in the distant future. Direct and indirect intentional death by others is a fact of life. Odds of survival is in our favor but everyone will know someone who perished by the hands of others.

After World War II a historical shift appears to be taking shape from conquering to controlling earths land mass by establishing a political association with active militant presence in the worlds nations. I’m not saying that a future power won’t mimic something like the Mongolian empire, British colonization or another fascist type regime. It just appears the current ruling elites want geopolitical control of earths resources. How this new wave of world domination will pan out is anyone’s guess.

Let’s review data of geopolitical influence as of 2023 by looking at countries that have more than 9 military bases in foreign countries.

United States – 80
United Kingdom – 17
France – 12
Russia – 10
Turkey – 10

Lets review China, Russia, United Kingdom and the Untied States strategic geographical nation neighbors within 100 miles that would only be prudent to form a military alliance.

Russia – 19

China – 17

United Kingdom – 4

United States – 4

Can anyone look at this data without national bias? Most cannot and will not. The United States and United Kingdom shows a global geopolitical military domination. Russia and China shows strategic isolationism in military operations.

Geopolitical politics has become an intimidation tool for world powers. Intervening in foreign political structures, placating nations and provinces to war with their neighbors is an atrocious act. For over a decade the U.S. government have been and continue to be shameful provocateurs literally thousands of miles from American borders. Financing and supplying weapons of war is not a supportive friendly act. Provocateur Agents inflict unwarranted destruction, death and displacement of innocent citizenry. There are no winning sides the best we can hope for is that we don’t become indefensible collateral damage.

How difficult can it be to respect the cultural diverse nations of stature and power without occupying and supplying their neighboring countries with military means of annihilation. The U.S. government will not allow foreign powers to arm our neighboring nations. Just a mere half century ago the U.S. stopped Cuba from forming a relationship with the Soviet Union. Yet since nineteenth century the U.S. hypocritical government leadership have rescinded on their word and treaties involving every continent on earth with the exception of Antarctica. How many nation masses will the U.S. decimate directly or indirectly before We the People pay the ultimate price.

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